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Dear Facebook doctors.....
Dominique has face jaw pain. Enough to make her cry. No assess tooth. No tooth pain. Jaw pain.

She said it hurts to chew. It is both jaw all the way to the ear. She said radiate to under her ear lobe. On the right side. Doesn't hurt to talk. Says it's clicking and feels disconnected. 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach


What kind of doctor do I take her too cause her regular doctor is clueless on regular things and definitely won't be able to fix this.

And the specialist for RA due to insurance change can't see her till next year and won't fit her in.

Emergency room won't probably do anything and definitely won't give pain meds.
It's not a dentist thing?

Who do i take her too. Should I video her telling me.

Seriously which one of you are my doctor tonight?

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