Dorris Wedding evening party garment by custom made

I had a beautiful baby girl named Caitlin P. (p is for perfection) when I was 18. It was a hot day in August Caitlin on my right hip having a conversation with my dad. Somehow it went south...he was so angry that he threw his glass of milk at me as Caitlin saw her grandfather hurl a glass of milk to her hit the door frame and shattered....slithers of glass all over the floor. I decided that second. Caitlin deserved better and as her mother it is my responsibili ... ty to keep her safe. So I contacted Edna Gladney in Ft. Worth, Texas. I found an awesome family for her with Mark and Debra Parrish. I made the best choice for my daughter that day as I stand here 42 years old. I got her out and away from my family. Yes it is true. I chose life. I am Pro Life. I have let the shame go, the secrecy no longer needed...wanted. I want to share with you, Caitlin ,Victoria, Bros & Tess...not to forget my grandson out there in Cleburne. Dorris Wedding evening party garment by custom made
I love you.

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