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I am supposed to be marrying my best friend today! We searched all over the east coast for nearly two years to find the place we would celebrate our marriage with all of our family and friends! We eventually chose to stay in the local area in hopes that my father would be able the walk me down the Isle. We chose a venue that states they pride themselves as being able "to create an experience that inspires in you, our guest, a lasting appreciation of excellence in cuisine, service and atmosphere." The Lakehouse in Wolcott...This was exactly what we were looking for...but they were under construction and not scheduled to open until Spring 2017 (May). We met the manager and owner at the the local bridal show in Jan and set up an appointment to view the property under construction and discuss options. We asked all the nitty gritty questions knowing it wasn't up and running just yet. Kellie the manager, seemed honest and open and gave us details of the construction frustrations they previously had before the new structure we were viewing was in place. She promised us "I will never cancel another wedding again" and explained how difficult it was for her to call a bride and cancel on her biggest day! Well, my fiance and I decided to choose a date later in the summer to ensure there were a number of events prior to ours. August 12th was was the day when met 4 years prior! Couldn't be more special of a day out there...right?! Well, we kept in very close contact with Kellie and built what felt like a more personal relationship. We stopped by a few times to see the progress. In late May/Early June we stopped and were concerned since it wasn't done and we knew there were events booked. Kellie told us that due to the height of roof they were set back a few weeks...but they will absolutely be ready for our wedding. While caring for my newborn baby we continued to finalize all our details with vendors, attire etc. July 15th my father passed away, the following day after leaving the funeral home, we decided we needed some joy so drove out the see the venue where our wedding would held in just 4 weeks. Upon arrival we were more concerned than ever....very little was completed in the 6ish weeks since our last visit. The outside has no changes and the inside was only slowly progressing (painting was being done). We contacted Kellie and asked what the status was and if we need to be concerned (obviously we were extremely concerned). She said she was getting nervous and concerned, and had called a neighboring wedding venue to see if our wedding could be moved to their location. This was the last thing I wanted to hear! She said she would know in a few days after meeting with the contractors. A few days went by and it was confirmed three weeks before our wedding that they wouldn't be done with construction until the week of our wedding and she couldn't guarantee they would have their certification of occupancy and other requirements to have our wedding. This is absolutely unacceptable business...this venue should stop taking deposits and booking wedding parties until is it fully completed. They should have contacted their clients months in advance that there was possibility they wouldn't been complete, then allow them to try and locate a new space in hopes to keep the same date. We had to contact them to find out where we stood!!!! I am beside myself with how this company operates and gets away with continuing to cancel weddings just a few weeks out from one of the biggest days of a couples life. We weren't able to find a comparable venue for our Saturday evening wedding and had to cancel with all of our 100+ guests. With all the chaos they gave me in trying to find a new venue for that day (wedding planning square one), I was robbed of the ability to grieve over the loss of my best friend and hero, the loss of my Dog and being able to spend endless time with my newborn! My bridesmaid dresses were lost for a few days with Alfred Angelo...and now this! How can a company continue to cancel weddings and get away with it. Our new date changed from summer to winter (last Sat available), location, price, attire, travel...everything changed and now we have to start all over again and at a higher cost. Simply crazy!!!! We aren't many events were cancelled by this place! Dorris Wedding fine wedding garments with lace sleeves