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Some Guys will be Angry with me, but this is
just the truth, I have my reason for this post.
Especially for our youths! Read carefully.
Sleeping with many girls causes stagnation
and set-back in your business, job, academics and delay of blessings. ...
This is why so many men are not progressing and things are not moving well with them. Avoid multiple sex partners. It is not every beautiful lady you see on the road that is a human being. Some of these ladies are
agents of the devil.
They are sent to the earth to sleep with men
and destroy there destinies. Men, control your sex urge. You are killing yourself. Yes! You make use of Condoms, but condoms can only prevent diseases but it can not prevent the spiritual negative effect of sex. Your erection should not control your direction. Dorris Wedding on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves
I have said my own a word is enough for the
wise. May the grace of the almighty God help us become master of our flesh and control our urges.
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