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# Shubh_Weddings_Magazine # Becomes_International_Magazine .

I am very excited to share with you that Enjoy Indian Wedding (EIW FB page: ), a European company in Indian Wedding Tourism space has partnered with ShubhWedding magazine. This will help my brand "ShubhWeddings" to be seen abroad also as EIW is an international website. About EnjoyIndianWedding (EIW): is an online marketplace enabling foreign tourists/expats to obtain event passes to participate and enjoy the Indian Wedding ceremonies, parties, and related services in India.

EIW is established in 2017 in Europe by an experienced multi cultural Indo-European professional team with roots in India. EIW is an international innovative online portal enabling foreign tourists/expats already in India or abroad to obtain event passes online to participate and enjoy the Indian Wedding ceremonies and parties of interested Indian Bride-Groom pairs in India. The Indian Bride-Groom pairs can share their rich Dorris Wedding online store wedding items with affordable price # IndianWedding # culture , # traditions , # heritage , # destinationwedding # DeliciousIndianFood , # Bollywood # dance # parties etc with the foreign tourist guests, feel proud, make friends, # enjoy parties together. EIW also arrange Indian Wedding ethnic wear and dresses for interested foreign tourists. The foreign tourists allowed to attend Indian Weddings are well-educated # students , # solotravelers , # cultural -researchers, # doctors , # engineers , # lawyers , # news -media pros, # Luxury travel # bloggers , # actors , # celebrities , # parents , # familieswithkids , # pensioners etc from all walks of life who # respect Indian culture & wedding traditions and are # curious to learn more about # IncredibleIndia and enjoy. In return EIW gifts a significant amount out of the total contribution raised from foreign tourists back to the Bride-Groom to cover food/entertainment etc cost, hence there is no financial burden on Bride-Groom at all. The vendors or individuals or friends of Bride-Groom who introduce EIW to an Indian Bride-Groom successfully also rewarded. So, # everyone wins and enjoy! This model became popular so quickly that in early 2017 the EIW story was featured on the #1 Luxury travel blog of India Hippieinheels and also on Expatangela, a Google rank #1 blog a few years back. I suggest all would be Indian Bride-Grooms to register their upcoming weddings on in FREE. If any questions EIW also has a support email id and they reply within 24 hours.

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