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Highlight of my week: I told my students I just cleaned their desks because I heard strep throat is going around. I also told them that every time they get a chance to wash their hands because I don't want them to get it. Of course they looked at their hands and almost all of them decided they should wash their hands as soon as we switched classes. However, one little boy seemed more worried about me...

He came to my desk where I was standing and asked, "mrs. Miller, what doe ... s strep throat look like." I explained to him, "well it's when your throat gets red and swollen and sometimes it really hurts to swallow." He suddenly looked scared but quietly said, "Mrs. Miller, I think you have strep throat." I of course thought "why is he thinking this" until I noticed him looking at my neck. I then remembered that I was red as a lobster from tanning the night before. Bless his heart. I guess this is yet another teaching moment that makes me realize how in depth I need to explain things for my students to understand. Lol Dorris Wedding short length wedding bridal wears look mini

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