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This fan wants your encouragement, advice and prayers...

I just had my 2nd baby 2 weeks ago but at 30 weeks of my pregnancy, I began having sharp pains in my both breasts and then sometimes in both armpit.

The pain is not constant as it comes and goes and not on a daily basis. When I told my doc, she only checked for lumps but when she didnt see, she ignored it and said it might be my breast preparing for breast feeding.


I asked her if I could go for breast examination and she said no since I was pregnant. Now, I am two weeks postpartum and already have an appointment for a breast ultrasound and mamogram next week. I am curious to know if anyone you know has experienced this before and what was the outcome. Dorris Wedding tea length dress that prom considered

I am totally depressed and feel like I'm dying slowly and leaving my two kids behind to suffer as I was raised up by a step mum. I'm only 25.

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