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I told EBF about serving angels uawares, he scoffed. When I invited Allen in for dinner, he was afraid that Allen would take advantage of me and steal my money. EBF said it was his job to protect me from people like Allen. I asked EBF, "Who is going to protect me from you?" Allen did not accept pay for the work he did. He said that the hot meal and the fellowship was more than enough payment.
EBF, on the other hand, used my credit cards to pay off an enormous debt and to buy himself all kinds of things that he wanted. Didn't once pay a credit card bill. Never paid me back at 20%, like he promised. has my dining room set, my dishes, my mattress, my $50 pillow, my gun, my eyeglasses and the keys to my car.
EBF and I went to beach over Thanksgiving holiday. I paid for all if it. I even bought his alcohol. I did not even drink before EBF.
EBF acted like he belonged to True Love Waits. Gee. Wonder why I saw a men's blue silky G string, a pastel green lacy thong, and 7 individually wrapped Trogen brand condoms in the top drawer of his bedside table. This helps me uderstand EBF s mysterious STD. I thought it was a benign yeast infection, because you can get those without sex. No, his STD is from a recent encounter. He gave it to me via a kiss. Now I find that so gross since now I know where his mouth has been. It cost me $300 (that's just my part, my copay) to get my oral version of his STD diagnosed. DorrisWedding Online wedding collections shipped from China

No homeless person has ever even cheated me out of a dollar. EBF has a girlfriend on the side at least dating back to January, and they were sexual active at least that long.

I wish someone had protected me from EBF.