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Love is the greatest adventure
TROPICAL weather, friendly welcome and simplicity are some of the reasons Fiji has been one of the most beautiful wedding destinations.

It is true that most of us love spending the most important day of our lives with our loved ones but some prefer doing some things differently and would rather have their weddings in a place far away from home.

The beauty of the Fijian Isle has given many couples an ideal way to seal their love here in Fiji, a slice of paradise away from home.

Vanessa Howard and Brett Trelor are a true testimony to this because they had preferred their 10 years courtship would be made way better if sealed with a wedding here in Fiji.

Vanessa, 27 and Brett, 30 are both cafe owners and operators in South Australia and they had chosen Outrigger on the Beach Fiji as their wedding venue because they had heard so much about Fiji's location, beautiful weather and its uniqueness. DorrisWedding banquet gowns

The bride had been to Fiji twice and her experience of kava, snorkelling and the tropical weather made her return, but this time with the love of her life to seal their love life on Fijian shores.

They were accompanied by 47 of their family members and close friends who were elated to be part of the couple's special day.

Vanessa was dressed in her simple and light wedding gown she had bought from Ultimate Bride in Australia while her husband wore a casual groom outfit which he described as simple, comfortable and light.

The bride chose Catrina Howard, her sister, as her maid of honour because she had always looked after her and wouldn't have gotten married without her by her side. The groom, Brett, had Tim his childhood friend as his best man.

It was definitely constant and true love for the couple and this was why Vanessa believed Brett was the one she had been waiting for.

The couple met way back in school and their friendship was one bound by understanding, commitment and true love.

Brett had proposed to Vanessa on her 25th birthday at her home and he did not want to let her get away and this was why they got married.

The couple's big day at Outrigger was more special with the assistance and friendly service of the staff before they headed out to Musket Cove for their honeymoon.

Like any other couple, there is always a reason behind their love for each other.

For Vanessa, everything was about Brett and she loved how her husband looked after her.