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Dha exam

100 question 2 and half hours

4 options for almost all questions

Maximum questions included below

1. Anesthetic technique in which barrel of syringe parallel to maxillary occlusal plane
- varanasi akinosi

2. Anesthesia extraoral for mandibular needle position
- superior and anterior
- Superior and posterior****

3. Temperament is personality emotional trait and genetically determined. It is -
- moderately stable and early occurrence
- moderately stable and later occurrence
- unstable and late occurrence

4. Growth velocity in boys and girls
- boys ahead of girls
- girls ahead of boys by 6 months
- girls ahead of boys by 1 year
- girls ahead of boys by 2 years

5. Lichen Planus prescription

6. Organism not found in the mouth of new born
- streptococcus sanguis
- streptococcus mutants***

7. Neonatal teeth in 20 days old infant, lesion on ventral surface of tongue
-epstein oearls
-bohn's nodules
- rege fede syndrome

8. Tetracycline staining in a 15 yr old management
- micro abrasion
- Home bleaching
- porcelain veneer

9.Illusion of tooth, all or nearly all convex surface for good cleaning to replace an upper first premolar
Modified ridge lap*****

10. Which transformation of oral mucosa should be taken seriously

11. You did pulpotomy on a primary molar of a 5 year old child. Next day parent called clinic to tell you about an ulcer formed on the lip. It was not present the previous day
- aphthous ulcer
- Mastication ulcer

12. Herpetic infection caused by
- Epstein barr virus
Herpes simplex virus- 1****
Herpes simplex virus -2

13. According to CDC recommendation before sterilisation
- ultrasonic cleaners
- scrub with hard brush
- use sodium hypochloride

14. desirable physical forces in the porcelain metal interface
- flexion
- Tensile
- Shear
- Compressive

15. A Study comparing used to find cholera carriers in three different cities. Virtually all people in the city participated. What is the design. At the end of the study The proportion of the carriers were calculated and compared
- case control study
- Cross sectional
- Cohort

16. Case with prolonged pain on cold test, kept awake in the night and spontaneous pain. No radiographic changes. Diagnosis is
- reversible pulpitis
- irreversible*******
- Insufficient information

17. CSF composition
- high in protein
- High in glucose
- Glycoside transferase...
- some enzyme?

18. Patient received blow on face, horizontal middle third fracture and symptomatic. No response to pulp test and no radiographic change. Management-
- rct coronal
- Extract apical part
- Extract both parts
- No treatment for now

19. Avulsed tooth reimplanted in 20 minutes. Splinting for
- one to two weeks***
- Two to three weeks
- Three to fours weeks
- Four to eight weeks

20. Badly decay primary first molar possibly involving four walls. Best restoration
- stainless steel crown
- Composite
- Amalgam

21. 20 year old Patient concerned about stained first molars and 2nd premolar. What you do
- alternative restorative treatment
- Preventive resin technique
- Class I restoration
- Pit and fissure sealant

22. Lower right second molar treated by temporary Rct 6 months ago. Patient has pain, bone loss, normal periodontal depth. Reason?
-vertical root fracture
- Missed lateral canal
- Missed root canal

23. Mandibular tori (image)

24. Patient root canal treated ( 1 week ??) ago. Patient has pain. Radiograph reveals inadequate rct. What is your emergency treatment
- analgesic
- Analgesic and antibiotic
- Re Rct

25 which of the causes of malocclusion is correct
- soft tissue: abnormal tongue position
- dentoalveolar: flaring buccal of first molars
- skeletal: narrow maxilla and wide mandible

26. X ray of supernumerary tooth under left primary central incisor ( close to follicle of permanent central) in mixed dentition stage. Management
- extract supernumerary tooth
- extract left primary central incisor
- extract left primary central invisor and supernumerary tooth
- extract both primary central incisors

27. Child with multiple white spot lesion, inflammed gingiva with high amount of plaque and probing depth 2-4mm. What is periodontal diagnosis
- high caries index
- gingivitis****
- Juvenile Periodontis

28. Bur used to prepare Occlusal rest
- round bur
- Tapered bur
- Fissure bur
- Inverted cone bur

29. walking changed, Increase alkaline phosphatase, cotton wool appearance
- Paget's disease

30. Problem in initiation and proliferation stage cause
-dentinogensis imperfecta
-amelogenesis imperfecta
- oligodontia******

31. Long case of removal of epilis fissuratum. What forcep you use
- stillies forcep
-Adson forcep
-Allis forcep******

35. Clamp used for partially erupted permanent molar
- 272
- W 15
- 8A ***

36.Barbed broach used for
- removing vital pulp from fine canal
- for widening orifice
- for lateral canals
-for use unto working length

37 Sectional cast post used in
-molars *******

38.You had a long day. And last patient alginate impression taken. You want to pour it in the shortest time, What do you do
- use hot water
- decrease powder:water ratio
- increase the thickness of the base of cast
-use slurry water

39.Minimum crown root ratio for abutment

40.Longggg case about patient came to replace missing teeth. with hearing problems, eye sight loss, not taking much. multiple radiolucency and opacity in mandible
Fibrous displasic
Idiopathic Multiple osteoma

41.Prophylaxis in endocarditis patient
Fixed orthodontics
Routine cleaning
Post operative suture removal

42. Pregnancy first line antibiotic

43. Pt has a badly decayed thord molar and wants to do extraction. patient taking warfarin and has prosthetic heart valve. What is the value considered safe to do extraction, on the day of extraction
- PTT 1-1.5
-PT 1-1.5
-PT 2-2.5
-PTT 2-2.5

44.Autoclave working principle
- dry heat
-used with disinfectants
-steam and steam pressured

45.Caoh used as intracanal medicament
- seals well
- provides calcific barrier
- easy removal of necrotic tissue

46.Gp disinfection
Dry heat sterilisation
sodium hypochloride******

47.Slowest acting LA

48.Brushing technique Active side of bristles
Modified stillman****

49. After crown lengthening you wait for 6 months before placing a crown for
Junctional epithelium formation
Maturation of periodontium
cementum formation

50. Pterygopalatine ganglion related to which gland

51. Caries susceptible surface in a high caries patient
Facial surfaces of maxillary posteriors
Facial surfaces of max anteriors
Palatal surfaces of max posteriors
Palatal surfaces of max anteriors

52. Cementum in coronal third
Acellular intrinsic
Acellular extrinsic*******

53. Crowding teeth in lower arch
Maxillary primary first molar
Maxillary primary second molar
Mand primary first molar
Mand primary second molar********

54. Best implant material

55. Laser used instead of curing light
Argon ****
Yag laser
Co2 laser

56 Reduce polymerization shrinkage in composite
- incremental placement and increase curing time
- incremental placement and soft curing cycle
-soft curing cycle and higher out of curing unit
-increase curing time and soft curing cyle

57. Functional appliance
Head gear
Reverse headgear
Posterior bite block

58.Gamma phase eliminated copper

59.Most recurrence
Radicular cyst

60. Ameloblastoma cases followed up for
-10 years
6 years
15 years
20 years

61.Reversal lines in alveolar bone proper due to

62. colour of complex seen in a 20 year old healthy periodontium
Black complex
Purple complex******
orange complex
red complex

63. which root is Extra Canal in max first molar

64.WE use MAF to shape till the apex. then use larger files at shorter length until we reach coronal. what is the technique?
Crown down
vertical compaction
Step back technique*****
Step down

65. Occlusion check after amalgam restoration
after carving amalgam
after 1 hour
after 1 day
before dismissing patient

66.Prevent amalgam causing discolouration of tooth
Apply separating medium

67.Instrument to plane lingual and buccal walls of class 2
-enamel hatchet
-spoon escavator

68. Pt has pain in submandibular area. increases on eating and reduces after 1 hour
-Sialadinitis *********

69. Nerve damaging gag reflux

70.Early treatment is orthodontics in cases
midline shift not in functional shift
slight cross bite
when primary molar is slightly distal
slight crowding in anterior region

71.Patient has renal problem for which took antibiotics. patient at that time also developed lesions on tongue and oral mucosa that is white appearance that can be scrapped but leaves red areas - very painful
- geographic tongue
- oral candiasis

72. advantage of MTA

73. Using Hanau's quint, If u increase the incisal guidance, what will happen to the condular guidance
1. Less
2. Great
3. Same*****
4. Depends on other factors

74. Most common complaint with regard to speech after RPD placement due to
1. Change in palatal form******
2. upper anterior teeth of small molds
3. Lower anterior placed above lip line

75. Criteria for physiologic occlusion
1. Occlusal stability******
2. Effective mastication
3. Speech and esthetics

76. Pt who is 63 years old has a five year old denture.. Pt complains of gagging since last few days. Pt had the same problem for the first few days when the denture was new. What would be the reason of such a gag reflux after so long? DorrisWedding cocktail party selections in coral
1. Over extension posteriorly of denture
2. Increase VDO
3. Underlying systemic disorder******

77. Patient has missing upper and lower canine bilaterally. What is the prosthodontic diagnostic index classification?
Class I
Class II******
Class III
Class IV

78. Caries caused inched with high amount of caries lesions from too much drinking juice
Early childhood caries******

Other 22 questions were mainly repeat questions/easy to answer...