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Im currently 38 weeks pregnant and having no signs of labour pains. I hadnt also experience braxton hicks, the thing which is making me worried is the placenta. Ive had an ultrasound when I was 36 weeks and few days preg, like 2 weeks bk. The ultrasound said that my placenta was matured to grade 3, I've read and googled that grade 3 isnt good because placenta will age soon. On the other hand my gynecologist calmed me down and told not everything on google is true. She told me I'm absolutely okay and it's happening bcz I'm my due date is near. The placenta is posterior high and the baby is in head down position, the head isnt engaged yet. Should I be worried? Im monitoring the movements too. There's nothing wrong with any of my reports, sugar level is normal so is my hemoglobin. As anyone experienced something like that? DorrisWedding grandmother of the groom dresses