DorrisWedding green evening party selections

EVERYTHING was beautiful - Thank you new St. Paul for all you did, Pastor Rory Hood & all the volunteers... Carleton you were awesome omg what a Uncle(Tasha Hood) what a role model, mentor & brother, Mike, Carlishia Hood , Casey Williams , Crystal Downing( Shantell Downing ) Pastor Rory Hood , & ME... Precious Gift Love Yehhhh I didnt even have time to get dressed & all dolled up but the behind the scene crew is ALWAYS FAITHFUL. & the outcome is always awesome... Just look
We send a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Elder Gail P. Hood-Williams & Darnitrea Hood for being our hairstylist & make up artist & Pastor Williams for making the beautiful wishing well & Blessing Broom... Thank you to Will & Donte for being our photographers Last but not least we want to thank ALL those that help from New St. Paul Nurses Board, First Lady Dr.Jody Hood & Kevin Hood & Nedra Hood DorrisWedding green evening party selections MsKaren Hood (that mac & cheese was on point...)& Stanley - Amber Smith dad thank you for helping with the catering ... If I forgot anyone charge it to God & not my heart.. Cuz the utmost appreciation goes to the mother of the Groom Precious Gift Love s & who's next :) lol God bless everyoner