DorrisWedding midi sleeved wedding wears in knee length

The past few days have been BLAH. No workouts. And using my pregnancy cravings to eat like shit and NOT vegan for the weekend. This morning I was reminded about why I made the choice to commit to my health. Aside from having low energy due to pregnancy, I felt EXTRA sluggish, and bloated. I didn't want to do anything... but I decided enough is enough. Today is the day where I make the choice to have a healthy pregnancy. To teach my baby from NOW what it takes to b DorrisWedding midi sleeved wedding wears in knee length ... e healthy, and to not set myself up for failure by gaining unnecessary weight and staying inactive for the next 6 months... I tuned into my fave workout Insanity Max 30, and did it. I modified most of it, because I was feeling sluggish, but modification is STILL WORK.
PSA: don't ever think workout out, or this workout in particular is not for you. You can always start somewhere. You do what you CAN! After all that's better than nothing at all. GET STARTED TODAY. Stop wasting your precious time not living to your full potential!! # CoachCruzB

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