Long Homecoming Dresses 2020

About to get this day started!
I swear every since I've moved I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO much better! I have motivation to get out of bed! Even though I'm broke as a joke not a dollar to my name at the moment I'm still gonna live! I work so hard for the money only to be gone as soon as it hits my account! But I have a beautiful house, lights, water and food and I do it ALL alone! That's enough to keep pushing! I have learned to live one day at a time as tomorrow isn't promised! Memories last a life time money doesn't! I jus pray to god every day and keep my faith and it always works out! Took a long time to learn it, but once I did life has been great! Still have bad days but the good out weigh them! I'm the happiest I have been in 3 years, God is amazing I have even been PAIN FREE of the SCIATICA nerve issue I have for the past month! I seriously forgot how it felt to move and walk normal! Still have a few rough days but nothing like I was dealing with everyday for the last 4-5 years! Thank You Jesus and my angels for never giving up on me and always finding away! With out u I would have never made it! Long Homecoming Dresses 2020

To those of you that's going thru it jus hit your knees and PRAY, PRAY,PRAY he does listen, scream, cry, kick whatever U have to do he will understand and he will answer your prayers! On his time though not yours! Keep your faith! As one of my Friends told me the storm doesn't last forever! I'm living proof! GOD ONLY KNOWS what he pulled me out of! I'm so thankful he gave me these 35 years and still blessing me!

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