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(Written in honour of Canaan Nanbak and Tabitha Mafeng Chuwang For your Selflessness,Steadfastness in Christ and Your Above-life personalities.You lived Amicable lives worthy of emulation and succession.

Always a listener,hardly the speaker,thats who she was from childhood.The girl really had a penchant for learning new things,because the more she learn't,the more oblivious she became of herself opting to be more aware of those around her. In a selfish world,where people choose fame and fortune,Temi chose it for others.One would say God created Temi with a shock-absorber for Pain,For the Girl challenged it head on and moved on.Though from an average social background,Temi could not say no to helping those in dire need of anything at her disposal.School-mates criticized her mode of dressing,personality and selflessness from high school to the University. Some even wrote lengthy mocking diatribes in School publications to humiliate her Yet,Temi took it well.Her father always cussed at her, when she talked about saving lives and opening an N.G.O to give out her all,to those in need.Trust a typical average Nigerian father who want's to reap all he has sown!!!!.Temi saw her Dream as bigger than herself and her father, and felt it could comfortably contain the world, but the world saw her as fiction and all it connotes.Temi isn't an IDEA.

Temi later became a doctor,some-times giving part of her salary and allowances to families who can't afford bills which sometimes left her with zero naira in her savings account for the N.G.O,Temi still wasn't daunted. Her parents nagged about the meagre allowances she gave them,but she always explained her reason's to deaf ears.five years later,Temi started the "Human-Help Network" made for all working individuals to donate funds for helping the less fortunate people pay bills, because she felt their loved ones sometimes die in pain because of the medical system that puts money before lives. Anonymity was the first rule of her N.G.O.Temi had proper-decked plans for this cause but was unfortunately diagnosed with anorexia. Whilst trying to improve her dieting she still overworked herself,subsequently leading to her untimely death whilst asleep.After a low-key funeral,her parents took proper claim of her benefits forgetting her biggest joy's. Word later broke out about her Good work which led to many "ehya's" and other "She no even marry or gree get pikin",being uttered even in the darkest alleys.some even say, she did not get any personal financial help from abroad or a white man husband since her reasoning is "Oyibo".They all don't see it!!!!!!! They don't see that she had a short time,but made the world better than it was,that life to her was lesser than herself and more about humanity,That she worked in her time,choosing to favour it and not flog it to death,That she knew time was precious, and she made good use of hers........... A few thousands might have been added to the N.G.O Account, many individuals might be lack-lustre and selfish to even think about another needing neighbour,But the world still revolves round and another Temi would be coming to take over the reins.For,Temi favoured her own Swinging Pendulum till it stopped swinging. ball gowns dresses cost below 100

Do you know many individuals have a Temi personality but choose to replace it with a glossy illusion because of status-quo.What we fail to understand is our time is so precious, some think about struggling in their youth and ammassing wealth that would be enjoyed later forgetting to help others, but opt for Fat tithes in church so they can be noticed. My people,wisdom comes only when you think more than you are and farther, it comes when you forget yourself and put others first.Help isn't only financial but can also be moral ,yet many are bad-example's.....we teach the younger generation to aspire to make money to feed ourselves and our immediate family and live luxurious lives......Why can't we empower to inspire others in doing same. This life is not a competitive race as we see it, because we all have different times set for each of us.Some achieve in their short period,others don't and vice versa....Finally,let's understand time and it's yearning for positive production,because when it's time up, it's time up.

Malcolm David,

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