bat mitzvah dresses

Many years ago, I read a letter to Dear Abby from the father of a teenage girl. The nature of the letter was eerily similar to current events. One month before her Sr prom, the daughter had asked her dad for $1,000 to buy a prom dress & to pay for other related expenses. He gave her the money. Three weeks later, she asked for another $1,000. The father was stunned. What did you do with the $1,000 I gave you 3 weeks ago? She replied that she bought gifts for friends, bought some clothes, expensive handbag, new shoes, etc. The father's question for Dear Abby was, " Should I give her another $1,000? Abby said she thought it preposterous that a father would even have to ask such a question. The point is this: the mercenaries roaming the streets tearing down statues have been brought up with no boundaries, no restrictions & no discipline. They've been marinated in socialism (altho it wasn't called that) as they progressed thru the school system. Someone like Geo Soros steps in, offers $25K a year to become a professional anarchist & they're on their way. And it all begins with the adults in these kids lives refusing, along the way, to put the brakes on their behavior. bat mitzvah dresses