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It's heating up out there (ha ha haaaa, I know, but I've been waiting for a warm week to put these posts up and if I don't do it now I'm afraid it'll be Autumn), so I thought I'd do a quick recap on best bug advice, in particular ticks, fleas and worms.

I'm going to start with ticks, largely as, of all of them, they're the only things I concern myself with.


I hate ticks. I hate the sight of them. I hate the way they look, move and feed. I'm a total tick-ist. I want them all dead.

And I really hate the diseases that they can carry. Two friends of mine recently contracted Lyme disease so I've seen first hand how nasty this disease can be (actually it's usually a whole range of diseases, hence now more commonly called "Lyme Disease and Co-Infections", with the Lyme Disease bit being a virus and the co-infections being all sorts of bacteria that come with the complicated disease). bohemian style wedding collections on sale

And yes, dogs can pick it up too.

I've written about Lyme Disease before, you can find the article below, I think it's a really important read for everyone out walking in the countryside as Lyme disease is happening to many people and most don't even know it, to the great detriment of their health.

This article will teach you about Lyme's Disease, what to look out for, how to stop getting bitten by a tick, what to look out for if you do and, most importantly, what to do should it happen.

At no stage is a chemical "tick prevention" recommended for your dog, largely as these do not stop your dog getting bitten and there are natural ways that seem to be just as good, without the side effects.

A great, often overlooked tip for a tick bite is this - keep the tick. Should suspicious symptoms pop up over the next couple of days, you've got the tick in a jar ready for examination.

Find below a quick vid demonstrating the simplest, cheapest and most effective tick removing tool out there, find in all good pet shops.

For more information on Lyme Disease check out the fabulous page TickTalkIreland.

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