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Some parents hate these, too. Like me. My son has been diagnosed as ADHD and he would always say "I'm just bad, I can't be good" and it's DEEPLY rooted in him. He had a teacher last year (not his main teacher but one of the arts teachers) who was always so hard on him all the time. All my B wanted to do was make him happy. Even so much as happily waving to him one morning in front of me, trying to engage him in conversation, and this teacher just brushed him off. Maybe he was bridal gowns for wide shoulders ... busy, I don't know. All I know is my sweet baby was always on his bad side in classes, in carpool, anywhere. And he took it straight to heart.

I thank God his main teacher told him all the time how proud she was of him, for trying hard. She got it. Even now he wants to send her videos of how his reading is progressing, and her praise makes his little face light up.

In the midst of all this hurricane stuff please remember that this is Suicide Awareness Month. And suicide is on the rise in our state for kids under the age of 12. It's serious. We can all do our part to lift up all kids. They aren't adults, they can't process their emotions and handle criticism in the same way.

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