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Does anyone suffer with major calf tightness/pain/cramping after a run, that lasts more than a day? My calves don't hurt when I'm running but they seem permanently tight lately afterwards. My right ankle also feels like it's on the verge of peroneal tendonitis - it twinges when I run but is uncomfortable later on. I've been getting back into running with the Zenlabs 10k trainer app and have been gently progressing but I'm scared I'm about to put myself out of commission. I really don't want to miss the Corporate Cup. I haven't run it in 7 years and am so looking forward to it. budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style

Anyone had similar issues and know what could be ailing me? I see a physical therapist and so far I've been ok getting through minor aches and pains but yesterday's run really seemed to jack up my legs.