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Hello, hello. I'm going to tell you a story of prospect and mild discomfort. The story goes like this; there once was a person who fell in love with clay, who also had eczema and ambition. At the very beginning of this love affair, the new maker's hands were so well used, literally covered in wet sticky mud for days, that small cracks appeared in the lines that traverse one's mitt. One risky firing later, the kiln door had not been opened, but it was time to witness either de ... struction or joy. The teacher (friend, cousin) turned to the excited ball of a human and asked, "Do you want me to open the kiln? Have you got itchy hands?"

As you may have guessed, the tale above is biographical and tells you how itchy hands came to be. Having 'itchy hands' now symbolises my need to create, my passion for mess and serendipity; when I make I try as little as possible to force an image. I don't design pieces, but rather get on the wheel and see what happens. I believe making in this way means I find each piece's individual nature - every object becomes special to me, so when they get rehomed they will be treasured. casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

This is just the beginning for me, so hop on for the ride, I have no idea what's next.

So hello, I'm Steph and I have itchy hands.

Smooches, IH

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