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To one of the best human being I know.. Hi madam Nat!!!! Happy happy birthday!!! ?

You have been one of the rarest gem I gained during my Binibining Cebu journey. Our friendship, I would say, is the one I didn't see coming. I first saw you at sir KC's showroom for the "This is my Cebu in 60 seconds" shoot. My first impression of you was maldita and lisod i-friend.. which is true (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA traydor sa last part). Coincidentally and fortunately, your handler and my handler are friends which is why almost in every pre-pageants, tapad gyud tang duha sa backstage for the doing of our make-up. And because of that, I can see you do your own make-up to which I always react "maayoha nimo mu make-up uy" and you responding "Anah. No one knows your face better than you". Dzah. Also, your aura is so intimidating to the extent nga I would have second thoughts even in saying "hi" to you during rehearsals. Ganyang ganyan ka madam. You are also a legit stunner! You always show up with the "dressed to kill" vibe and you never disappoint. You have the kindest heart and you never have second thoughts in sharing whatever blessing you have. Maayo sad ka mamili ug sinena sa kids and you never give "cheap" gifts cheap pageant dresses ? YOU ARE A LEGIT EPITOME OF A MADAM ? ? ? ?

Madam, you deserve all the best things in life and someone way way better is coming your way. To many more laags with you! I love you!