chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

I had an amazing thing happen to me today. I took delilah to the dog park like always. And being a pitbull owner is something totally different then owning a different dog. People get scared or afraid that she's mean. Some people will just walk out of their way to avoid her. It's sad. But this little chocolate lab puppy was just biting her and delilah just took it. Plus there was this toddler there and every time he fell over he would cry and delilah would be right there and mother him. She did not leave that baby's side. The lady with the lab went to leave and told me she's a great pitbull and that I did a great job with her. It doesn't matter the breed it matters if they get into the wrong hands. chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous # dontbullymybreed