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One HUGE MAJOR THING NO ONE IS LOOKING AT OR EVEN TALKING ABOUT ANYMORE IS JAPAN.... WAKE UP AMERICA, THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT HAS BEEN DUMPING NUCLEAR WASTE FOR MORE THAN 8 years .... REALLY!!!! How is that not going to affect us and our weather??? They don't even talk about CAPPING IT.. like it's just going to be the way of life from here on out crop top cocktail gowns :( :( ..... I'm scared more about that Nuclear Power plant dumping toxic waste into our oceans for this period of time than anythin ... g else. If something doesn't happen soon.... WE WILL ALL PAY THE PRICE OF THIS MELT DOWN WITH OUR OWN LIVES AND YOUR KIDS WILL TOO.
I'm so sad about this topic to be honest, no media.... no one even cares... it's not going away because we ignore it.. it's getting worse and still no coverage....
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# japannuclearpowerplant
# ouroceans
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