custom made selections for formal party

So the other day while i was at Wal-Mart (just me and Oliver, it was about 2pm) I just got to my truck with my cart and out of no where a man comes up to me and complimented my tattoos. He proceeded to get closer so I grabbed Oliver right away as I was talking to him (he was asking if my tattoos hurt and where is the least painful place to get one). No big deal, I don't mind people being nice and social. He then decided to come closer to where he was basically in my truck, and even pushed my shopping cart out of the way. He was ansty and started to make me nervous because he was looking around. I don't know what clicked in his head but he all of sudden stopped talking and walked away. This is the second time in a month that I've felt uneasy about people approaching me. I'm not joking when I say that buying a gun is one of my TOP priorities. I want to take classes but I heard a law is passing to where you can buy a gun and carry it? Someone tell me what I should do. Should i go take classes and get one anyways? custom made selections for formal party