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# IStandWithOzubuluCatholicChurch

Is it Drug war or Religious Terrorism or merely state sponsored terrorism covered with propaganda.

The terrorists that attacked Catholic faithful of St. Philips Catholic Church in Ozubulu is the most successful terror operation in the history of modern man. Not just because they succeeded in killing their targets and escaping but for creating plausible deniability and drug lords being blamed. The attack has every indices of terrorism (deaths, shock, outrage and fear) and should never be attributed to drug war. Drug wars never targeted innocent people because of the public relation implications of the acts. The drug war theory is mere speculation and can't survive rigorous investigation. There are many people across the world having drug related conflicts but that have not resulted to attack on or killing of innocent people (therefore, this ozubulu incidence is outright terrorism even if carried out by drug lords from the community).

For instance, if the attack was that of drug war as posited by the due of Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano & State Police Commissioner, THE PEOPLE KILLED WERE INNOCENT PEOPLE WORSHIPPING IN THE CHURCH. In this case, drug war theory failed to explain why innocent people were being killed. The theory didn't also convince us or prove to us that the drug warriors were looking for target in the church and their inability to find him changed the worshippers to immediate targets.

Furthermore, Criminal Psychologists rejected the theory because the person or assumed target of the rival drug cliques didn't prove that he was actually being targeted by the attackers. In fact, the attackers didn't meet the assumed target in St Philips Catholic Church and told him that "we are looking for you". Therefore, the provenance of drug war theory is ridiculous and opportunity for the terrorists to disappear. It has complicated the and reduced the scope of the investigation.

How the governor of Anambra State and Police Commissioner concluded that the attack was "isolated case" is another example of poor leadership. For example, we knew of the recent terrorist attacks in USA & Europe and how leaders respond to them. Example was Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on 7th January, 2015 & Emmanuel African Methodist Church in California on 17th June, 2015. The two cases show the features of terrorism. The later was a lone attackers and was more complex to comprehend. It was attributed to racial-hate attack, psychopathic, terrorists and religious extremism. The former was a group of attackers coordinated and was summarily interpreted as religious terrorism. One important feature of the two attacks was that before giving press conference, suspects were identified and being hunted by security forces for arrest. That was possible because of CCTV installed within the premises of attack. There was no speculation. detachable cap sleeves for wedding dress

The question now is, # WhoAuthoredDrugWarTheory ?

Let's us therefore reconsider the relocation of 47 Boko Haram Prisoners to Ekwulobia prison.

Whichever way, the case shouldn't be isolated from terror attacks. It should be interpreted as terrorism and the motive for the attack should be established.