evening gowns

I'm not even close to labor yet, as far as I know. But when I am in labor and when Asher is outside of my body I want people to know these things..

1. DON'T BE OFFENDED IF I DON'T HAVE YOU VISIT ME IN THE HOSPITAL. I don't plan on being there for long. This is supposed to be all natural, quick, and easy. Being so means we won't be in the hospital for more than a day or two. When we get home we're probably not gonna care for many visitors here, esp if you've never been to my parent's house. I'll see you eventually so don't blow me up about that shit. Imma be busy and very tired. evening gowns

2. If you do visit us in the hospital and smoke anything prior to getting there, put a fucking gown on and wash your face and hands before you even think of entering my room. Or just don't do that shit! 3rd hand smoke is real.

3. If you so much as sniffle around my baby, esp of you try to touch him or kiss him, I'm going touch punch you in your face.

4. Have some respect and common sense and if you don't know the dos and don'ts of being around newborns, look it up first or stay away til he's ready for going out into the world! Duh

Much love people ?