evening party formal wears for mature women over 50

Hey, guys!
I absolutely LOVE shooting boudoir, so I'm offering this session for $75 since I have already found my ladies for the complementary session. If you find yourself thinking these things:

"I'm not good enough."
"I don't know if I should waste this kind of money on myself."
or "I have nothing to wear/what would my family think?"

Get these out of your mind right now! You are enough; the only person holding you back from having a photo session that will make you come out of your shell is you. Don't think of this as "wasting" money!! If you could feel great, and look back on images that make you look amazing, why wouldn't you do it? I've had ladies tell me that these types of sessions for them are life changing. They end up so much more confident, and are beyond thrilled they made this investment. As for clothing, or thinking you'll be too revealing- boudoir is not just lingerie or nude. You can do a boudoir session in a dress, a button up T-shirt and shorts, or even a flannel and jeans! This session is about you, and to make you glow! evening party formal wears for mature women over 50

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