full figure short length wedding wears plus size

Feeling pretty down right now. Been crying for like 2 hours. My step-daughter is getting married Nov3rd. I decide to start trying to get my dress. I order one online and it would fit a pigmy...So, I go to Sears and JCPenny's looking for their formal wear that I JUST RESEARCHED ONLINE. Sears is a joke...not a one formal dress to be found . So I head to Penny's. They had dresses but only 3 to choose from in a plus size. I try on the first one...hated it. Second one, not gonna fit in this lifetime, and then there is the third. I am not "loving the dress" but we are getting close so I am starting to stress. I put it on and the tears started to flow. I got in it, but zip it, not gonna happen. I left the mall in tears and came home for a good cry. I am looking for suggestions ( other than David's Bridal as I don't want to go to Albany if I don't have to) on where to go get a gorgeous floor length gown. I lost all that weight and have kept it off even after quitting smoking. I just don't get it. Suggestions please!! Rant over full figure short length wedding wears plus size