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To anyone considering a tubal ligation, DON'T! please do your research, and let me be the example on what not to do!
After many emergency room visits, doctors visits, blood work, hormone tests, tests for ovarian cancer, and one emergency surgery in under 2 years! I am finally getting answers to what has been going on with my body! PTLS- post tubal ligation syndrome is REAL, this is not something many doctors will admit to. We are told our only side effect is an ectopic pregnancy and all looks good on paper! I thought YES, no birth control ever again how great is that?! WRONG! I've spent the last two years searching and wondering what in the world is going on with me! I've been tested for everything under the sun!! I'm 26 years dealing with severe exhaustion, fatigue, BRAIN FOG, anxiety, constantly dizzy, crazy mood swings, severe abdominal pain to the point sometimes I cannot stand similar to labor pains, pain where I truly believe in having a stroke! This is just to name very few! At 26 years old I'm either looking at a partial hysterectomy or if I'm lucky they can do a reversal on one side (still to be determined!) And not covered under insurance if so! No I do not want sympathy, however I want this to be a message to any woman that ever even considers this surgery! It has completely changed my life in ways I would have never imagined! Please please please be informed, find a doctor that will listen and a doctor that knows PTLS is real! There are thousands of women just like me, thankfully I have found them and a doctor that listens and knows this is real! I'm praying over the next few months I can find options to feel normal again! hippe styled items to wear if in a wedding