lace collections for formal party

Kejriwal's Foot-wear concern

Delhi CM showed up in Farmer chapel and i wished to hide self behind the trees. He bears a smile and i feel the uneasiness to go into hiding. He is quite comfortable but why am i feeling the guilt .Kejriwal is sitting on Delhi throne which once Akbar Badshah or Bhadur Shah Zafar occupied. His sense of dress is horrible ; he either does this drama delibrately or is projecting a naive picture, which surely he is not in the least. I had the mind to call his wife or his Dy CM Sisodia, but without calling their words resounded in my ears " Oh the Chapel ; well he is eccentric, listens not to one and now we have to bear this for a few years more ". Shoes are part of attire and what goes with a particular dress need come naturally to the person. He wears and it pinches me . No dress is complete without a nice pair of shoes . To look a gentleman, you need to have well polished shoes. The body language, your grit is reflection how comfortable the shoes are.You stumble, if shoes are loose ; these pinch if tight and can hurt if too tight. Shoes need to have some design ; can be high heeled, flat , robust, strong, with laces or without,nice sleepers, with deliberate ventilation, with straps, with elastic and buckles, with side chain or flat soles, joggers or sports but have to bear a nice look and wearer should feel very comfortable. Bare footed none could reach long, a comfortable shoe on & half the distance is almost gone. Shoes are different for party wear, for formal meetings, for informal chats,for casual wear, for strolls on the beach, for when near the pool or attempting to stand on the stool. Relaxo for relax, Liberty for liberating one's self, Woodland to pick if to venture into woods and Bata before to utter Tata or Hunter if to reach to the border.Comfortable shoes are not necessarily very costly. Suitable and decent shoes is all i demand the CM to wear and mind dignity of office and importance of the post. lace collections for formal party