large size wears for formal party cost below 100

I love Boscov's , Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, PA. I just got back from being there today. I wish they'd add a Restaurant in theirs. The Boscov's in Hazleton has a Restaurant inside their store. Anyway Ladies, Boscov's is having a huge Clearance Sale on Ladies Casual Shirts, all sizes. Including Plus Size. I'm talking prices like $6.99. Some were $9.99. The sizes are from 1X, 2X. They did not have a lot of 3X's. I found maybe 3 or 4 shirts in a 3X size. And no Boscov's does not carry 4X and 5X. If they do. I didn't see any. If anybody goes down. To find these shirts. Go to the Women's Plus Size Section. Which is on the upper level of Boscov's. When you enter Boscov's you'll see ladies dresses to your left. Make a left at the dresses. Go straight back, make a right, continue past ladies swimsuits. You'll start seeing Women's Plus Size Clothing to your left, and on the right. There will be a path to your left (I call it a path). Turn left on that path. And just go straight back. The shirts are right in that area. They are on racks that read Clearance $6.99, $9.99. One thing you all might want to keep in mind. Is to make sure that the size you are looking at. Beware of the hangers that claim the shirt is a 3X. Every time I saw a hanger that read 3X, turned out the shirt was actually a 2X and even a 1X. large size wears for formal party cost below 100