maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much

I had to let my best friend go to the rainbow bridge Thursday. As wonderful as he was, we couldn't fight the bone cancer anymore. He was starting to feel pain that the drugs couldn't alleviate. Prince deserved to be pain free and the only way that could happen was to let him breath his last in the home where he was loved, near the people he loved and who loved him.Our friend Dr Delia was one of his favorites. Every time he saw her he felt better. The acupuncture combined with the love always made him stand a little taller and put a little swag back in his walk. He knew this time was different because she came to see him. He greeted her at the door with his tail wagging.She always welcomed his kisses and had words of love and encouragement for him. She didn't care if his hair wound up on her or he drooled a little. He knew she loved him and would take away the pain. Prince got on his giant sized bed and relaxed. Mom and Dad had their hands on him and told him how much they loved him and that he was the best dog ever. They told him he could relax and go to sleep now. He started to get sleepy and he relaxed. He knew his job here was almost over. He had loved them the best way he knew how. He protected them and made them laugh. He loved that sound cause it meant they were happy. He was ready. His time here was coming to an end. The next thing he saw was the bridge with all the dogs waiting on the other side for their people to join them. Prince knew he would wait too. Mom and Dad promised they would be looking for him when their time came. Prince was happy. He knew he was in the right place. maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much