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Top Tips for an amazing tan :)
Quite often I get asked how to prep for your skin and how to look after your tan, post tan. If you follow these steps, your tan will be sure to look fabulous and stay fabulous until you are ready to scrub it off ready for your next amazing tan

1. Shave or wax at least 12-24 hours prior to your tan. this gives the pores a chance to close over and not take soak too much solution into your skin. It also means that if you happen to cut yourself shaving the wound will have healed by the time you are ready for your tan.

2. Always exfoliate the night before your tan really well, and then again very lightly just before your tan. There is no need to scrub the skin heavily to cause cuts or abrasions (don't worry I have seen it all) just a light scrub to remove the dead skin cells or any residue tanning solution from your skin.

3. Wear loose clothing to your tan. In winter a pair of loose pyjamas or tracksuit or a dressing gown is perfect and make sure to wear covered shoes, socks or footwear to avoid raindrops landing on your skin. In summer, a loose dress is great. Remember you will be sitting in this outfit for 3 hour to overnight so its best to bring your choice of clothing so you don't have to change again when you get home, avoiding rubbing or distressing the tan. maternity prom items for pregnant brides

4. DON'T wear makeup, moisturiser or deodorant to your tan appointment. Makeup and moisturiser stop the tan working to its full potential and wearing the deodorant turns your underarm green and can leave a very distant mark after wash off.

5. Always try to have a shower at least an hour before your tan, this way the pores have had a chance to close up and your skin is clean and fresh, ready for your tan.

6. DON'T sit on your phone while processing in your tan. Sitting with your arms bent up causes skin to skin contact and you may sweat during this time, even though you don't realise it, this is one of the areas you sweat most from your body and you can cause a diamond like pattern in the inner elbow area, where the tan won't take.

7. Moisturise every day, morning and night after your have washed your tan off. This will keep your tan looking amazing and you can never have skin too hydrated either. Palmers body butter is a great moisturiser to use, its cheap and smells amazing.

8. YES it is safe to tan while pregnant, you just need to use the right products. All the products I use are safe and I would never ever endanger the life of my clients unborn child for the sake of a dollar.

9. If you are getting a tan to go on holidays, always coat yourself with a water resistant sunblock at least 1-2 hours before swimming. This sees your tan from fading and also stops you from burning. Reapply your sunblock at least every 2 hours while swimming.

10. Enjoy your tan :) If you follow these helpful tips your tan will look and stay amazing for up to 2 weeks.

Loren :)