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Do you let your nails go naked?

I'd never heard of nails needing "breathing time," but when I took the chipping polish off my toenails a couple weeks ago I was met with nasty white spots pretty much covering six of my nails.

"Oh gross! Fungus!" was my fist thought.


But once I started researching, I found out that fungus typically doesn't affect a large number of toenails at once. What seemed to be the probable cause of these white flaky dry spots was nail dehydration. Apparently keeping polish on my toenails all the time was depriving them of hydration. non white color items for wedding

I've started putting lotion on my nails every morning after my shower, and they look drastically better than they did two weeks ago. I wish I would have taken a picture of them then, but I was so embarrassed by the way they looked.

Do you use anything to hydrate your nails? I'd love to speed up the process and get them back to 100% soon!

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