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What's on my mind today? Well change is!

Today I'm going to share a bit about the last 6 years of my life and where I am today. Knowing me it might be long but a life journey is not a 3 sentence post. But I want to share a bit of who I was and what I've changed and how. Many people around me have watched to formation and so don't maybe see how far I've really come. So let's start on the physical changes..... here are some 'befor' pictures to see where I started in my life altering journey:

That girl in red playing dress up with my kids is from 2010... The upload picture of Me is 2014.....

3 years ago almost 4 now I went gluten free in my house. It forced me to start looking into exactly what was in my food. I found a lot of chemicals that my body didn't need for preservation color and taste. Things that causes a person to crave those foods more but they also interfer with the way our bodies process food and store fat. The extream amount of carbs we consume WITH all those added chemicals stop the process from our bodies using the reserve calories our bodies store so it turns to fat. I still consider myself slightly over weight but according to the new and improved scales of what's normal... I'm considered average. While I'm not gluten free any more I'm very aware of what I eat and KNOW when I'm eating something that does my body no bennifit. For a long time I felt bad mentally because I was constantly reminded just how much I wasn't eating. After doing a lot of research I know that what I am eating is right for my body.... so what do I eat? And what is the me know??? online sale maternity evening party wears

Well I try to stick to a diet consisting of mostly mixed nuts and seeds... avoiding peanuts (one cause they are while good for you a higher fat content and honestly I don't enjoy them as much). I add in a lot of fruit, I really love frozen blue berrys.... and some dairy.... but rarely do I drink a huge glass of milk... After all human milk is meant for human babys... cow milk is made for cow babies, and the milk u can buy in the store has been raised on a lot of hormones and stuff we don't need to consume. I do eat actual meals... usually one a day. What happen when I started eating this way was I felt 100% healthier and the extra fat my body was storing started melting off. Anytime I get to a platue in weight loss I look at how I've been eating and realize that my intake of my core 3 (nuts fruits and cheeses/yogurts in that order) has dropped way down and my body thinks it starving again. I find that the more ready made food I eat the hungrier and less satisfied I stay.

I can say 85 pounds lighter that it went away with little dieting or exercise. I did get an increase in energy which made me more active yet not set exercise routine. I also cut back on soda. Even though I didn't set out to do that. I find 1 mt. Dew here and there is enough now a days. Anyone that truly knows me knows that I LOVED my mt dew and that I would murder anyone that touched my dew! Now I am at the point where I'm training at a gym to tone and be even more fit..... The last couple of pictures are me now!!! I'll do another entry at some point on how I've changed my mind set and why I'm the happiest I've been my whole life - even while dealing with the issues with my kids!

Oh and as of yesterday my dental issues are gone!!! So I'm sure there will be a lot more pictures of me coming soon ! :)