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Ive been told of a boat running drugs from south America that the DEA or the like were on to them, and it was fat headed international policing whos work would have been compromised by the case.

There is doggyness sourrounding the case. Just as police seek out clues like a ripples in the water to find a suspect, so this case has ripples all over off doubt - which equally confirm undermining confidence.

Also, normally the last person seen with missing presumed dead people ... is usually the suspect. I look at his eyes and theres no light, but that could be other practices that equally turn a persons eyes into cease-pool saucers. Also the picture of Watson leaving the court - his lips looked pecualer, {certain bare back sex act can make the mouth stream blackness and make the lips blubery, but his lips were different again leaving me to wonder or suspect and hence look up images of people who had committed necrophilia. Hard to say - and what a strange world we live in, every dimension of existence covered in our little planet.

Im sick of this complacent donkey of a system full of arrogance. Lie detectors have a place and this whole case needs to be re-investigated in a system thats concerned with the truth, not profesional {oxymoron} ego.

As for people like Mike Kalaugher and their concern for justice. People like this are an asset to a society. Investigating they are soldiers of freedom doing a duty to help make a country worth living in and fighting for.

The wicked "dont care for justice" and are worthless to a society in the long run - because they become a breeding ground of such things. A person recently accused me of being nosy. When the reality is if such a person was found strangled with their nickers as does happen, Im sure such people would appreciahte citizens who have their heads out of their backsides - so to speak. Prehapes its now understandable when people dont get justice. Maybe their uncaring ignorance comes back to them. I have been a witness in a case years ago, and the cop said nobody else knew or saw anything - implying they were aloof / uncaring mentally dead or the living dead princess ball garments items for a prom party

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