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Its undeniable that the world is getting hotter as a result of an increase in greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

We are witnessing increased droughts, floods and storms here at home and around the world.

We also know that the polar icecaps are melting and therefore we need to understand the implications that sea level rise will have on our communities.


I'm posting this footage I shot of Te Tiriti o Waitangi marae and the surrounding papakainga as a visual example of whats at stake in every coastal community.

Above this video clip is a map graphic that depicts what Waitangi will look like possibly sooner than we think.

There are going to be massive upheavals and we need to plan for these however we cannot just "adapt" away from the effects of climate change, because if the temperatures keep increasing the problems this will cause will overwhelm us. red wedding guest dress

That's why we must do everything possible to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and agriculture from overheating the world.

We do this by fighting the oil industry and government policies that support an unsustainable increase in livestock numbers on our already stressed landscape.

We cannot do this as individuals, we must work together.

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