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Tetanus Immune Globulin versus DTaP vaccine?
This article makes for interesting reading - did you even know you can insist on receiving just Tetanus Immune Globulin if hospitalized with a serious wound? However it's way more expensive so you will be offered a "Tetanus shot" in hospital but it will be the DT, DTP or DTap they will be injecting you with. INSIST on Tetanus Immune Globulin only. Know your rights.... retro style wears for a vintage wedding

"The most common reactions reported to occur following DT vacc ... ine include swelling and pain at the injection site; sleepiness; irritability; vomiting; loss of appetite; persistent crying; and fever. Paleness, cold skin, collapse, rash, and joint pain have also been reported.
In 1994 the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is compelling scientific evidence to conclude that tetanus, DT and Td vaccines can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome including death; brachial neuritis; and death from anaphylaxis (shock)."

Yeah you really need those adverse reactions aye...

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