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An update on my dad for Diana Osgood Kim Ralston Sowell Beverley Ralston Mac McGuire Kathy Law Kenneth Myers Charlotte Franklin Kristian Rivera and everyone else who was concerned:

My father Wayne M Law was in the hospital about two months ago at the end of the school year. We thought that he might have a bad case of the flu or maybe even pneumonia. We made an appointment for him to see a doctor and after they examined him they said that he had congestive heart failure. They admitted him into the hospital that afternoon and ended up keeping him for a few days. They said that he had to be on a fluid restriction and could only drink a set number of ounces of fluid per day and that included water, coffee, tea, juice and liquid foods like soup. They also put him on oxygen and he came home with a big oxygen device that he uses at home as well as a box of these smaller canisters that he uses when he goes out. Those are about the size of a thermos. They gave him diuretics to help drain out the fluid build up that had built up around his heart. After a few days in the hospital he got an okay to go back home and he'd been okay other than the fact that now he uses the oxygen and now he can't drink the amount of fluids that he had been drinking before.
And we'd been going on like that since the end of May up until two weeks ago. Two weeks ago he woke me up in the middle of the night with what he described as a really bad leg cramp. At first I thought that that was all that it was. He had a really small flat bruised area on his inner thigh / groin area and he said that it hurt. I thought that he had an insect bite or maybe that he'd bumped his leg when he was getting up at night to go to the bathroom. So it seemed to get better and he went back to bed. Then at about 5:00 AM the next morning he tried to get up out of bed and go to the bathroom and he almost collapsed under this body weight and said he was in severe pain. I was able to get him back to bed and we just called for an ambulance. There were 7 or 8 people that came in the ambulance and they all looked at him and all of them but one seemed to think that it was a skin rash or a skin irritation that would go away on its own. One lone guy said that I'd take him in to the ER if it was me because he's in pain. So we did and it was a good thing too. His small bruise had gotten bigger and after some time they determined that it was due, at least in part, to the Coumadin that he is taking and because of his congestive heart failure. So they were going to admit him and keep him for 2 or 3 days until they could get his heart rate stable and get everything under control and then they were going to send him to Cornerstone Gardens to rehab for a couple of weeks so that the bruising could have time to go down and he could get stronger. So that is the set up for what happened yesterday and where we are now .... short mini length wear in red
He's been at Cornerstone for a week and was on his road to coming back home. Then yesterday afternoon he was having a lot of trouble breathing and they sent him to the ER and he's been in the ER since yesterday afternoon and initially said his lungs were bad and his heart was bad and everything was not good. At least that's what they told my mom. She talked to them when I wasn't there and she was really concerned.
They didn't have any rooms available at Scott and White and so he was in the ER from about 2:00 or 3:00 PM in the afternoon yesterday until maybe 7:00 AM this morning. They put an oxygen mask on him and got him set up in a bed and he seems to be doing a lot better now. It seems like we've just taken a step backward but are back to the original plan. He'll be in Scott in White for a few days and then back to Cornerstone and then back home. Part of the reason that he was in Cornerstone was that he had a HUGE bruise on the inside of his groin and leg. The small bruise had spread from the size of a quarter to the size of a dinner plate before they got it under control.
So part of it is just allowing time for that blood to be absorbed back into his body and so one good thing is even though he's back in the hospital the bruising is probably receding as he's there so this may reduce the amount of time that he needs to stay at Cornerstone so he may come home around the time that he was on schedule for.
And the nurse said that they may release him from Scott and White and send him directly home and then set up home health care to come out to the house every day to do his rehab exercises with him here at home.
Which he'd really like. He just wants to come home.
I'm sure that I've forgotten and left out a lot of things but that's sort of what has been going on.
We're about to go see him at Scott and White. He's on the 5th floor of the south tower and so if anyone wants to go visit him I'm sure that he'd love it. He hates it there and wants to come home. LOL.
Thank all of you for your concern and your prayers.