simple homecoming dresses

Nova’s Log – Day 115. Yes, once again it has been a long time, but I am not going to offer any excuses. OK, maybe one or two – I’m tired when I get home from work and I must watch Anderson Cooper because he is so darned cute – and smart. By the time I am done watching Anderson (yes, we are on a first name basis), I am forced by my son to watch something “happy”, so I watch either The Big Bang Theory, or Mike and Molly (I record both for just those occasions when Brian comes out and finds me yelling at the television.)
My life has been uneventful until today, certainly not log-worthy, but today has earned a log. It’s Sunday, so I got up and read the rest of the People magazine, because I have an enquiring mind. Then, it was time to get ready for church. I got everything (including me) ready for the shower and opened the shower curtain. I was met with a Brown Recluse in the shower. I quickly dressed while screaming for Brian to come look. I got my computer out and we compared it with all the icky pictures of Brown Recluses, and verified that yes, that is what it was. Once confirmed, Mr. Brown Recluse (I assume it was a he) met his maker and I hope there are no more in my house because I have had the willies ever since. I shook everything out including my beautifully folded Nate Berkus towel (thank you Trisha Keithley-Sweeney ) – looked up and down the shower curtain and shower, but finally decided that I was safe. Now, I think my reaction was very understated because I know for a fact that if my daughter Shannon Gaylord-Sweeney was here, she would have burned the house down. I will be calling an exterminator tomorrow though because I can’t live feeling like I have the cooties all the time. Plus, I don’t want one of the dogs seeing one and think it’s a toy. I don’t think Brown Recluses have a sense of humor. In other words, this is about the dogs, not me.
After the shower I got dressed and ready for church. I was immediately met with Brian Sweeney telling me that the shirt I was wearing was “ugly” and he “hated it”. I get a lot of compliments when I wear that shirt, but Brian told me that people were just telling me that because they felt sorry for me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I never compliment someone on what they are wearing if it is ugly. Do you???? Anyway, I changed my shirt and headed out to church. (I didn’t show Brian what I changed into because I was out of time). In honesty, my church is less than two blocks away from my home, but I was late due to the Brown Recluse and the “ugly” shirt. I wanted to get to church on time because I didn’t want “the look” from Father Gerry after church, but after walking in VERY LATE, I sat far enough back that he didn’t walk past me when Mass was over. (dodged that bullet). simple homecoming dresses
ANYWAY, I hopped in the car and pulled out – now, I’m not the fastest player on the field (super bowl reference), but even I knew that I had a flat tire. Stopped the car, got out, got back in and backed up and into my driveway. I HAD to walk all the way to church, remember it’s at least two blocks, and was late. I’m sorry Father Gerry Condon , I did try. I was lucky because another woman was parking at the same time and walked in with me, so it wouldn’t look like I was the last, even though I was.
Church was great, and I am glad I am going back. I quit going for a long time after Dale Simpson killed himself because I didn’t have the strength to do it. I don’t know what was going on, but it lasted over a year. Anyway, I am back again and happy to be there. Plus, I was able to sit with my nieces Brooke Sweeney and Brandi Marshall-Sweeney , and nephews Jorden and Kane Sweeney . Kane came home from college to take his beautiful girlfriend to homecoming last night. It was so good seeing him, even though my neck hurts from looking up to see him. As I have often said, the first goal with all the kids in my family is to out grow Aunt Nova. The prize is you get to go to second grade, but I think Kane has outshined everyone in the height department.
After church we had coffee hour (lunch) and the Altar Society meeting. OMG – we have a lot planned in the next three months. It’s a good thing I am back to my “normal” self because there are a lot of things I need to do. The first thing is St. Patrick’s soup dinner. I must be honest, I am proud that they still want to have a dinner with my potato soup recipe and that we can make money for the Altar Society with a simple meal I raised my kids on. It seems to go over well. We will see how this year goes. It is on my birthday (yes, I love my birthday because it is 3/16 – John 3:16 - and I love we are doing it on my birthday – Happy Birthday to Shannon Gaylord-Sweeney and me). Yes, Shannon Gaylord-Sweeney was born on my 21st birthday, but that is a story for another time.
Tomorrow I will call Les Schwab and have them come to my home – thank God for Les Schwab. I think I will need a new tire because Brian said it has a nail in it, but it’s one of my very expensive snow tires, which means I will probably have to buy two new ones, unless they can fix this one (PLEASE LES SCHWAB, DO YOUR MAGIC). I still have my snow studs on, but I don’t know what the weather is predicted for the next two months, so maybe I will just have them put my regular tires back on. They are pretty, and they aren’t flat – or weren’t when I had them taken off.
Now, I am home and watching football until I get to see the Justin Timberlake concert. I don’t understand football, but I do love Justin Timberlake. And I LOVE THE COMMERCIALS. Sorry for yelling, but they are very important to me. I know, shallow, but that’s me. I hope it is a great Super Bowl – Go, whatever teams, whatever cities, and whatever colors are playing – may the best team win, and may the commercials and Justin Timberlake be fabulous.