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So after all the inquiries from mine, his and our friends, let me just say what happened between Richard and I. We won't go back into details of the first year together where he'd take off for days at a time with his aunt but we'll start off after we moved away. Life was great. Got married in 2010, had 3 wonderful kids, bought a house, camper, vehicles. Had it all. Then in 2012 I signed up to go back to school. Things were going well. In 2013, Richard had a heart attack. Had him kinda down and out. He decided he was gonna bite the dog that bit him (meth) and start using again. I can tell by his voice, his actions, just looking at him when he's messed up but he continued to lie to me. For 2.5 years I worked full time, was a full time student, fulltime externship plus was a wife and a mother. I had to deal with him lying to me, not working, doing it with my kid at home. But after those VERY long years, we worked it out. I ended up having some major medical issues starting in 2015 and yes he was beside me every step of the way & was a wonderful caretaker. From 2016 to present, he went thru countless jobs which I stood beside him thru. In May of 2017, we had gotten a good report from Mayo clinic (first time in 2 yrs of battling) and so he's next weekend home, we all went out to a motel to celebrate the good news from the doctor & Mother's day. I was treated like shit the whole weekend. Finally that Sunday I had enough & I left. I went to stay with a friend. That very next day he went & found his dope and got all fucked up, cleaned out our bank acct. Ended up having a man supposedly hold him by gunpoint in our home for 3 days, even calling our daughter out here in the midst of it. During that time, I had ran into an old friend from high school that yes we dated back then, yes I was scared to death of him for years but I ran into him in a public place. We talked for a bit and that was it. We had talked a few more times about Richard, the drugs and became friends. NO I never spent a night under his roof, NO we never slept together but I did kiss him and it wasn't no tongue slobbering kiss. Just a peck. So off and on all summer Richard and I would see each other when he came home off the road. Finally in August, I come back. Everything was good and was going great. In Oct 30th, I went to Kansas City to pick him up as he had quit his job. We stayed overnight. On the ride hom on the 31st, he asked me and said I dingy have any choice cuz it's gonna happen regardless, but can I trust you with my heart. We went to all the covered bridges, went to the casino, took us 16 hours to make a 4 hour ride. That Thursday, I had a mayo checkup. Everything looked good but had to wait on lab results to finalize things. We had a great weekend with the wedding dress with cape Teaya and her boyfriend laying around waatching movies being a family. He left here on Tuesday telling me that it'd be 2 weeks and he'd have me down there at least for Thanksgiving if not to live. I talked to him all the way from Iowa to Mississippi. I talked to him the first few days he was there. Then I get results that first time in 2.5 years, everything was good and no procedures necessary. I was SO happy I wanted to share the need with him. I had to fb him the news. Never got ANY response back. That kinda hurt. But then I get notification on my phone he's been talking to this other woman for 4 or 5 months. He just happened to be laid up in the bed with her when got my message so he couldn't answer of course. So he goes trucking with his mommy and guess what, he can call all of a sudden. Called me everyday, sometimes multiple times. Even caked just to say good night a few times. He gets home and BAM no more calls. So if you wondering what happened to Richard and Stacy, there ya have it!! He decided to leave less than one week after I was told no work til had MRI done, left me with disconnection on lights, no heat, truck about to be repoed. He took MY car down there that was bought for me letting his girlfriend drive it all over and thinks it's funny how he left me. Now mind you, I'll be ok but he really screwed Teaya's head up with the lies, the I love you and I'll be back in 2 weeks or you can come down with your mom. He was her "dad" and that's how he left her. Now believe what you want but there's the story folks!!