wedding pieces with removable skirt



You must understand that Mr. Flesh cannot be tamed, schooled or controlled. The only answer is death. You must say no. to every request he makes. You must reject all his agenda and kill all his works. You must pray aggressively for the mortification of the members of your body and ask the Lord to break and remould you. Once this happens in your life, majority of all your problems would be over.

The bottom line of complete deliverance is the death of Mr. Flesh. Nowadays, the situation is so terrible that even some brides about to wed dress nakedly to church and we have dead priests who are still alive in the flesh joining them in wedlock.

Many young men who would have been a blessing to their generations have been destroyed by the serpents of their male sex organs. They have fallen into the camp of marine powers. Likewise many highly prosperous and high flying women have allowed the serpent of their tongues and stomach to disgrace them.

Nobody will give you a prize for acting insane. When you answer a fool, you have become a fool too. You may say, "You don't know who lam." The question is, who are you? Death is a leveller which levels all. Pride of place, position, school etc is all vanity. You need to cry to the heavenlies. If this miracle of the death of flesh can happen in our lives, 99 per cent of all spiritual attacks would be over. wedding pieces with removable skirt