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Over and over I heard a 15 year old and/or older teen is old enough to make his or her own decision about having sex or "their body", therefore, birth control and alternative methods is explained to them so they can have safe sex to safe guard against that. They're mature... However, the wouldn't be mature enough to have a baby, work, raise the child, while going to school and not even get married. So from the start they are taught plan B shirk (pass off) their responsibilit wedding selections with long sleeve on sale ... y by a. Abortion or b. Adoption because they are not mature. So then the child is cut off from their birth rights because someone decided to tell kids they are mature enough to have sex instead of telling them/us about abstinence and purity because they/we are too scared to do so. "Because we all know they are going to have sex anyway." I don't quite see the logic in that. "They have all the sense in the world to have sex but none to handle their responsibilities hum...."

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