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Chris was something to behold, Steve thought. The curves of her body, the way her hair fell over her, shoulders, her sexy smile. She was perfect.

Standing before him, Chris lifted her sun dress from her sleek body. Steve's heart raced with excitement. Her underclothes fit snug to her body and he wanted to trace all of her lines.

Steve moved in close, just barely out of touch. They could both feel each other's heat, the scent of one another. It was like electricity filled the room. He lifted her from the floor via her tiny waist set her kneeling facing him on the bed. Her back straight, her head tipped gently as he placed his lips softly to hers.

Chris's lips were slightly pouty and soft. Her tongue twisted with his in slow motion. He breathed in her scent sending fond thoughts through his mind. He thought how sometime in his future a certain smell will trigger this memory.

The candles accented her shape perfectly he noticed as he withdrew from her to take her in to mind. Her shoulders tattooed and across her chest. He traced the image with his fingertips. Light gentle lines he drew. His hands slipped up her neck and to her jaw. Pulling her head close he kissed her again. Long and deep the mouths had met.

Chris felt her own pulse intensify as his lips moved to the underside of her ear. She felt his hot breath slow make its way down to her shoulders and across her collarbone. His hands were lithe as they traced her spine to the clasps of her black bra. It was undone. His lips kissed her throat and the underside of her jaw as he slipped the straps from her sleek shoulders.

Pulling her in right to his body he felt her breast against his. Steve felt like he could melt right into her. Gazing deep into her eyes he let his hand slip down the edges of her breasts and down her sides. He could feel the waist of her panties on her upper hips. And the he slowly and lightly let his fingertip slip up to the underside of her breasts. There he made small traced against the underside of them till his hands met her breast bone. He watched as her nipples hardened to the touch.

Steve cupped her left breast as his lips covered her nipple. Kissing, sucking, and swirling his tongue across its tip. His other hand slipping down her body and counting every rib and down to where her hip protruded. Gently it reached around to where her leg met her ass. Squezzing the backside of her thigh.

Chris's breathing began to intensify as his tongue swirled around her other nipple.

His lips moved down her ripple breast plate and down her belly. Tasting every inch of her. She was divine. The taste of her skin and scent of her perfume, mixed with her own drive him crazy. He wanted to be burried deep in her right now, but this wasn't just for him, it was more for her.

His kissed firmly at the waistline of her panties. His hand tracing the outer lines of her thighs.

He bent her over so she was on all fours. There he admired the shape of her body again in the candle light. They locked eyes as one finger ran down her spine causing her to arch and skin to bump up. His lips kissed the back side of her neck and across her should blades. His hand now rubbing up her inner thigh. He slipped a pillow under her head and had her stick her ass up in the air. There he sat behind her tracing her legs and lilly with delicate touches. Soon he slipped his fingers under the straps of her panties and slowly slipped them off. Strings of Chris's dampness clung to them. wedding wears in cream or beige

His kissed the small of her back as his let his fingers slip inside her. She was wet with excitement and she moaned softly at the feeling. He continued to his and lick down her backside. Kissing under her ass. Lifting her cheeks up as he kissed. He could smell her and wanted a taste, so he withdrew his fingers and slipped the between his lips. She was sweet to the taste. However his lips and tongue were not ready yet.

Steve watched his fingers slip back into her as his other rubbed her clit. Perfect he thought again. She was perfect. Even the sounds of her moans rang in his ears like a song. He could feel Chis getting wetter by the minute. His finger slipping deep in her and twisting around as he explored her. Never hard, never fast did he play. He wanted her to have that deep, patient orgasm. He wanted to see her soul lift from her body as she came.

Chris was close. She matched the rythem of his strokes and her body would shiver as his fingers danced around her clit. His fingers were deep in her and his feel his mouth exploring her back as his lips worked their way up her spine and eventually to her ear. His hot whisper in her ear sent her over.

"Cum baby girl", Steve said softly. "Cum". His fingers tried to get deeper into her as her body jerked. He watched her face as she came. Her lips curled up and he eyes closed shut. Her cheeks reddened as she let out her sigh's of relief. He could feel her pussy increase in temp and when he finally withdrew his fingers they were covered with her white cum.

She begged him to mount her. Bucking her hips, Chris demanded it. He knelt behind her letting his tip slide down from the top crease of her ass down to her clit. His hard cock would swell as he rubbed against the opening of her pussy. Rubbing up and down to cover the tip with her juices.

Slowly Steve pushed it in her. And like his fingers before he made deep slow strokes. Chris lifted her body up to be on all fours again. Taking one of her own hands back to rub her stiffened clit and to rub Steve's shaved balls. Soon the gentleness was gone. Chris had gone into a fury and Steve's hand gripped her hips tightly.

They could hear the sounds of there bodies colliding and her wettness began to run down her legs. She loved the sound he made. Moaning openly with every thrust. She came again. Hard it felt. Her back dipped in the middle and her head lift back. One hand still on her hip and one hand holding her hair. She clenched as she came and he wanted to be back in her but found it hard.

After a a few she let him back in. Hard and harder the fucked. Her breasts swaying and her hips bucking. She was cumming again. Her juices running down them both. He looked down to see as she came all over his manhood. Chris began demanding that he cum. He said he was close. She hurridly withdrew from him to turn around to take his purple tip into her mouth. Here hands rapidly sliding up and down his shaft as her pouty lips devoured his cock. Soon he let out.

Cumming hard in her mouth and all over her lips. She kissed his head with passion as he came. His own juices running down her lips. His body stiffened and pulsed with the release and his heart raced to near explosion. She lapped the thick cum from his tip after he came. Every flick send him jerking. His groans and breath were deep. And then he colapsed to the bed. She curled up beside him and layed safely in his arms.