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If you have a large sexual appetite, and have sex or masturbate about 3 times daily you should expect your semen
to be watery. Sperm makes up just about 5% of the semen (ejaculate) and so hypothetically you cannot say " I have watery sperm" but you can say watery semen. The sperm and some factors thicken semen to an extent, the more the sperm in the semen, the thicker the semen.
Sperm production and maturation takes about 69-74 days. So if you finish your cartridge of bullets, what would be left to fire?
Someone in his email asked why his semen is yellow. The answer is simple, the older you get the colour of your semen tends to change. Nutrition also affects the colour and consistency ; Some foods rich in sulphur like garlic, onions, legumes, grains, nuts, broccoli, cabbages and asparagus makes semen yellow.
Dehydration makes the semen lumpy and dry. Fructose deficiency also causes the semen to appear watery, fructose is abundant in fruits and vegetables. Urine in semen can also make semen appear yellow, don't forget they both come out through the same tract. Chlamydia and gonorrhea infection can also make semen appear yellow, watery or even thicker than necessary . yellow cocktail dresses
Excess alcohol, cigarette smoking, stress, hot baths and psychoactive drug misuse can all affect sperm quality.
Tight underwear, unfortunately it doesn't allow room for optimal sperm production and thus boring old fashioned boxers are better.
In some instances your semen can be watery and be absolutely normal. Like just before ejaculation (pre-ejaculatory fluid) or during an illness.
It is important to note that watery sperm often is suggestive of a low sperm count but it is not always so.
It is also important you share this problem with your spouse so you can seek medical help together and laugh about it later.
A few tips to change your sperm quality include: reduce sexual activity, increase length of sexual intercourse before orgasms, stress reduction, take more fruits,vegetables and protein, get sufficient bed rest, practice relaxation exercises, treat infections appropriately, reduce cigarette and alcohol intake, avoid junk food and tight underwear.